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10 things you should stop assuming about girls in Goa


He: So where are you from?
Me: Goa.
He: Ohhh!!!!!
The longest ohh of my life. But mind you, it’s not just the “ohh”, it’s the judgement you make about me in that much time. If the girl is from Goa then it is automatically assumed that she smokes like a chimney and drinks like a fish. Drugs you say? She must have tried them all and dude! Of course she is available. She is from Goa. Isn’t that what all the Goan girls do?
The answer is NO. Excluding some (which you will find in any part of the world) we are all very much different. And no. We don’t start our day with a drink and wear floral prints all the time.
10 things you should stop assuming about girls in Goa:

  1. We don’t go to beaches everyday

    Although most of us leave really close to the beach, we don’t spend all our time sun bathing and swimming on the beach.

  2. We don’t party everyday

    The pubs and clubs you see in Goa are mostly (up to 80% at least) filled with tourists. There are girls in Goa who don’t like to party and might have never been to a club or a pub in their entire life.

  3. We don’t drink

    Drinking is not a pre-requites to be a Goan. It’s a common assumption that all Goan girls drink. Well, sorry to burst your bubble but there are girls in goa who don’t drink and probably don’t even like the smell of alcohol.

  4. We don’t wear bikini and shorts all the time

    We are liberal and we don’t expect our women to be in a “ghunghat”. But at the same time we do have our culture and we don’t judge people on their dressing style.

  5. Not all of us eat fish

    Fish curry is the most famous food in Goa. But there are people (including me) who are not so fond of it. In fact we prefer vegan food. At least some of us have to think about the marine life you see.

  6. Not all of us have relatives in foreign countries

    Not all of us have relatives or connections to any foreign countries. Nor are we interested to marry only an NRI. We love our country and if you don’t mind would love to be here forever.

  7. We do not speak Russian or Portuguese

    There are lot of people visiting Goa from all over the world but we do not speak their languages we have our own language called “Konkani”. And as for communicating with the tourist all i can say is that we strongly believe in the universal language of love.

  8. Too broad minded

    Yes, we are but not in the context you think. We believe in making our own destiny and working hard toward its. We believe in equality and educations. And no we are not available for as and when you like.

  9. We do not own a wine store

    Ok, I will give you this. There are just too many wine stores in Goa. We do realise that and our government has stopped issuing any new licenses. But not all of us own a wine shop or a bar and restaurant.

  10. There are not just catholics in Goa

    The one thing (amongst so many others) that I love about being a Goan is our unity in diversity. We have Hindu, Christian, Muslim, Sikh residing in harmony. In fact, Goa is the only state in India which has civil code common for all. No religious laws are applicable. No attacks no riots. That is how we are “suseghad (calm) goankars”.

Don’t judge a girl on some stereotypes. Our upbringing is as good as yours. Goa has given the world some amazing talents like Kesarbai Kelkar, Hema Sardesai, Varsha Usgaonkar, and Lorna Cordeiro. Goa is epitome of serene beauty and culture.

So next time you meet a Goan girl you know what not to say. About what to say, well we can talk about it some other time.

For now just remember the above points.

A Goan girl

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